"Fight.... For... us...." he said, his smile fading, begging the universe to comfort his lost and poor soul. No. No, this can't be it. I can feel his fingers losing grip of my hand. My wrist fractioning against the rock to hold the weight of his body, strangling off the cliff, lingering onto a thing called hope. We could get...

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not posting in a while. I got preoccupied these weeks and forgot that time flew so fast. Well, recently, I've been working on another short story for this blog entitled, "Last One Standing" and it will be a hit, trust me. So, today I am going to answer frequently asked questions about me and...

She's gone, she's gone, she's gone from this world. I couldn't believe this harsh truth that I must shallow, whole. This nightmare that I have to face all by myself. I'm scared, I truly am, my hands are shaking, my feet are sweating but I can't change a thing about this. It's, it's too late. She has disappeared. She vanished...



An aspiring writer and cook who is interested in the field of psychological literature and Christianity.


Do you have questions about my work? Or any thing you want to share? Don't be afraid to leave a comment, share your ideas or just say hello.



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